About My Nude Portraits

I began this project almost ten years ago with the goal of making photographic portraits of nude men, women and couples, including subjects of all ages, sizes, shapes, races and lifestyles.  I wanted these photographs to celebrate all forms of human diversity.

Conventional nude photography focuses on the beauty of the human body, and usually excludes the subject’s face from the image or at most has the face averted or obscured.  In contrast, my images are similar to conventional portraits.  My photographs are about the total person, and the subjects are usually gazing directly into the camera.  The intent of the photograph is to capture a normal pose and expression, a natural look that a friend or lover might see at home.

In seeking subjects for my portraits, I have deliberately sought diversity and searched for subjects not appearing in conventional nude images.   My subjects include people of all shapes, ethnicity, ages and life-styles. 

When possible I take photographs of people in their homes using either available light or a single portable lamp.  If a subject’s home is not available, I will use an outdoor setting or a venue with plain black background.  For the most part, my subjects take very normal poses, standing, sitting, and reclining, the same poses that artists have always used for portraits of either clothed or nude subjects.  When photographing couples, I strive to make images that capture moments of intimacy.

More Images

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